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Fees for Treatment & Assessment

*Please note our hourly rate will increase to $220 per therapy hour as of January 1st, 2024, with Initial Appointments becoming $330*

Psychological services are billed at $210 per therapy hour (50 minutes). The initial appointment is 90 minutes in duration ($315). These fees are consistent with those recommended by the Association for Psychologists of Nova Scotia (www.apns.ca).

The fees for private practice psychological services (assessment and treatment) are not covered by Nova Scotia's MSI (Medical Services Insurance) Program. Payment for each session is collected at the beginning of each meeting, allowing everyone involved to focus entirely on the problems at hand. Services provided by a Registered Psychologist can be claimed as a medical expense and are tax-deductible.

Payments Accepted
All of our payments are processed online using our practice management software - we no longer accept payments in-person.

Credit card information is stored online using our practice management software (JANE). Anyone can add payment information to their account (especially helpful for parents paying for an adolescent or young adult appointment) - please visit this page for information on how
you can enter it yourself. Once stored in our system this payment method can be used for in-person OR telehealth sessions.

Unfortunately, cheques and AMEX are
not accepted. There is no tax/HST on psychological services as this is health related service.

Please note we do
not direct bill any insurance company or other agency, no exceptions.

Cancellation Policy
Appointment times are reserved exclusively for you, and without sufficient notice we can not provide that time to other individuals and families who may benefit from that time. Our online booking software can send reminder emails and text messages that allow for multiple opportunities to cancel or reschedule your appointment if necessary.

We require 48hrs of notice for no administrative fees to be charged for cancelled/missed appointments.

Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged 50% of the session rate of the time reserved for you,
regardless of reason for cancellation. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours of notice or “no-show” appointments will be charged the full session fee ($210 for recurring appointments, $315 for initial appointment). Please note our policy extends to Initial Appointments (first meetings), and your credit card will be charged if your appointment is not cancelled within 48hrs or no-showed.

Receipts issued for missed appointments will always state “Missed Appointment.”

Appointments can easily be cancelled or rescheduled by using our online scheduling system, by contacting (902) 444-1160 and leaving a voicemail for your specific psychologist, or by directly emailing the psychologist you are scheduled with (emails on the "Contact" page).

Multiple cancelled initial appointments (first appointments) will result in you being referred to another practice.

A number of private or supplementary health care insurance programs will pay either a portion or all of the costs associated with seeing a registered psychologist. It can be helpful to talk to your insurance provider or employer to determine what you (or your children) may be eligible for.

Please be aware that at this time we do
not offer direct billing to insurance companies or other government agencies. All required fees are paid at the beginning of each appointment, and you will be provided with an original receipt for fees/services paid that can be provided to your insurance company for later reimbursement. Some providers (e.g., Blue Cross) also offer the option to be reimbursed at local "Quick Pay" stations in Halifax and Dartmouth so you do not have to wait to be reimbursed (or the Blue Cross/Medavie app). Please do not hesitate to ask about insurance during your initial call to the practice and we will try to assist you whenever possible (please also see section below on questions to ask your insurance provider).

You may wish to ask your insurance provider the following questions:
  • Do I have coverage for mental health services or to see a registered psychologist?
  • What is my deductible for these services, and has it been met?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy/treatment session?
  • Do I require a referral or approval from a physician for coverage?
  • When does my coverage re-new?
  • Who in my family is covered and for what amount(s)?
  • Are telehealth/telepsychology (online) sessions covered? (if applicable)

who we are
Chorney & Associates is a group of registered clinical psychologists practicing in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
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Each clinician at Chorney & Associates specializes in a number of areas, ranging from preschool-aged children to adults.
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